terça-feira, abril 22, 2014

Transport Aerian To Release LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release by Transport Aerian
is a new nine track live album called LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE

Transport Aerian releases its 4th album on April 22nd 2014, and the
2nd one for Melodic Revolution Records. LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE features
Hamlet on Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, sampling, and programming
as well as the addition of Stefan Boeykens on Guitars & guitar loops,
the new collaboration really seems to add some brilliant textures to
the fabric of this live album. Unlike traditional live albums
which feature the shrill of a live audience or an enhanced overdubbed
audience to make you feel like the album is a massive hit, this is not
what you will hear on LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE as it was recorded direct from
the board with no overdubs. Instead you will experience the raw
emotion and energy of this performance.

LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE is the follow up to Bleeding released in 2013 and
reissued as 24 Bit-Remaster on March 18th 2014.

Track List:
Love, Inspire, Fog Vision, Float, Nightsky, Winter, Minor Moody,
Triangle Town and Radio Void.

According to the band:
Transport Aerian had an opportunity to perform a number of live shows
supporting the album Bleeding, which was released in 2013 and recently
reissued in High-Definition deluxe version. We are aware, however,
that there are plenty of music lovers all around the world who are
unable to come and see us live, as Transport Aerian has never been a
'local' type of band due to its musical and spiritual nature.

This brought the idea to make live recordings of the program which we
are playing during our shows now, so that those who enjoy Transport
Aerian but can't attend the shows would be able to hear it, feel it
and enjoy it, too. LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE, set consists of the core songs
from the most recent album Bleeding, alongside with some Stefan's
instrumental compositions based on real-time guitar looping and a bit
of material from project's album Blessed (2009).

For more information about
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transportaerian
Power of Prog: http://powerofprog.com/profile/TransportAerianProject
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