quinta-feira, abril 10, 2014

Pendragon News

The Mick Pointer Band (featuring Nick Barrett) celebrated the 30th Anniversary of "Script for a Jester's Tear" at the Boerderij, Zoetermeer last year not only was it a night of great fun but the band were on fire!  
So much so that Mick Pointer has recently released a live album of the event. At Pendie HQ we think it's utterly fabulous, but don't just take our word for it, here's what other Pendragon fans have to say...
AL - "One of my criteria for a great gig is that the musicians play with passion, this recording captures that, and it is obvious that not only the crowd, but the band as well are totally enjoying themselves. "
AP - "I am a huge fan of Script, and was delighted when I got the chance to see and hear The Script Gigs.The attention to detail in the performance, and the quality of the music is sublime. This version captures the magic of the live event- Featuring the not insignificant talents of some of Progressive Rocks finest Under the banner of "the Mick Pointer Band" Brian does a damn good fish impression, whilst I could sit and listen to Nick Barretts soaring guitar work all day long. This is a great live album, if you already have Script in your collection- you need this as well! "
TG -"It is one of the best live albums I heard in recent years. Everything is spot on: great recording, good crowd and an incredible 'live' feel that most of the more recent live albums seem to miss. You can tell it's the last performance at their favorite venue - De Boerderij. Raw, emotional and above all serious fun. Like the gig itself... This is more than a tribute album, this is one of the founder members of Marillion with some very talented friends - Nick Barrett, Brian Cummins, Mick Pointer, Ian Salmon and Mike Varty at the top of their game - respectfully recreating one of the great albums of my past..."  
So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get yourself a copy of this stunning album you can order it from Mick direct by going here   and if you're more than a little miffed that you missed these shows you can sing your hearts out and see the guys live once more at the Boerderij 20th December 2014.


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