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Great news! You can now pre-order a digital copy of Anubis' forthcoming live album "Behind Our Eyes" right here, exclusively from

Due to unexpected demand, we're making a limited edition CD release of this album available.
It can be preordered from our store. It will be available as a standard CD gatefold and for all the collectors, a numbered autographed version.

The expected release date for both formats will be April 1st, 2015.

Anubis - Behind Our Eyes

And I Wait for my World to End
Dead Trees
Hitchhiking to Byzantium
Archway of Tears
The Doctor
All That Is
i. Lights of Change
ii.Limbo of Infants
iii. Endless Opportunity
Silent Wandering Ghosts

Robert James Moulding Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
David Eaton Keyboards, Vocals
Douglas Skene Guitars, Vocals
Dean Bennison Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Stewart Bass, Vocals
Steven Eaton Drums, Percussion

Recorded live throughout 2013 and 2014.
Multitrack recording engineered and mixed by Dean Bennison
Mastered by Douglas Skene.

Cover art by Tim Neill

Linear notes:

2014 was our tenth year as a group, and it turned out to be an exciting year for the band as we released Hitchhiking to Byzantium and headed out for the first time with the new lineup, with Anton making his presence very much felt. Shows ranged from a packed out Metro Theatre in Sydney playing to some 1200 people to an intimate club show in our adopted hometown in front of 100 people, most of whom we probably knew by name. All the shows shared the same powerful atmosphere and although the setlist rotated at practically every night, each show drew material from all three studio albums with the newer material from Hitchhiking more than holding it's own against the older material in the set.

It's has long been a feature of Anubis' shows to sequence the set together with linking sound effects and sections to strengthen and maintain the atmosphere and this album captures the effect much as it was performed.

'Behind Our Eyes' strikes a balance between the mainstays of the 2013/2014 set, as well as a clutch of rarely performed pieces, and the inclusion of 'The Doctor', being amongst the very first pieces that Robert and I ever wrote together for the 230503 album, feels particularly apropos.

2014 was, indeed, a very good year for Anubis.

We're really excited to announce that we've been confirmed as one of the support acts for British rock legends URIAH HEEP on the Sydney leg of their 2015 Australian tour, playing the Metro Theatre on Friday March 20th 2015.

Heep have been a mainstay on the international touring circuit since 1970, and are responsible for millions of album sales, critical acclaim and influencing countless bands in their wake, not least of all us. They've been one of David's favourite bands for as long as he can care to remember and a big element of the keyboard sound and the vocal harmony arrangements of Anubis owes a huge debt to Heep.

Undeterred by the seismic musical shifts of punk, the 1980's, grunge and electronic music, Heep have stuck to what they do best and are still out there, and are still one of the only veteran groups who can match their heyday in terms of providing an energetic and musically precise and demanding set.

Tickets for the show are available here


As well as our performance in Heidelberg in Germany in May 2015 (tickets here), we're also proud to announce we'll be playing the Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Netherlands on May 15th 2015 (tickets here).

We've more dates to announce in the coming weeks. So check back at for further updates.
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