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ASPHYX - "The Rack" and "Last One On Earth" vinyl reissues coming in March!

Originally released in 1991 ("The Rack") and 1992 ("Last One On
Earth"), the first two full-length albums by much respected Dutch
death/doom commando ASPHYX, are considered immortal classics of the
genre now finally returning back on vinyl! Both are set for worldwide
release on March 16th, 2015 via Century Media Records.

ASPHYX vocalist Martin van Drunen has checked in with the following
comment about these re-releases: "Over the years Century Media has put
out a lot of superb vinyl re-releases. Especially for that LP freak of
today for whom it's difficult, if not impossible, to find the
originals. Even I couldn't obtain everything as a young metalhead back
in the days and therefore I am happy that labels do decide to
re-release some sonic classics. And so is the case with these first
two Asphyx albums. After the mauling "Death...The Brutal Way" and
crushing "Deathhammer", old and new Asphyx fans are now given the
opportunity to add "The Rack" and "Last One On Earth" to their vinyl
collection. Two outstanding re-releases by dedicated metalheads for
loyal metalheads. Kept as close to the originals as possible, not only
when it comes to the artwork of ancient master Axel Hermann, but also
sound-wise these take you back to the early days of true Death
Metal...and of Century Media as well! The band is proud of these
milestones, as lots of the tracks are still and always will be played
live with the intensity and volume Asphyx is so well-known for. So get
your hands on these albums, and give 'em a deafening spin on your
record player! Vinyl...The Brutal Way!"

Both vinyl editions orientate on the original pressings and feature
the original covers. In contrast to previous CD or vinyl reissues,
these 2015 editions do not contain remastered versions of "The Rack"
and "Last One On Earth". Both albums are based upon the original early
90's recordings and were specially mastered for vinyl by Patrick W.
Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Massacra, Dissection, Grave) in December
2014, allowing you to enjoy these classics in their authentic,
original rawness. Death...the fuckin' brutal way!

The following editions will be available for pre-ordering via
from February 16th, 2015 on:

ASPHYX "The Rack (Re-Issue 2015)"

Single gatefold LP w/ original product sticker replica, printed
innersleeve, 180g vinyl.

Black LP - limited to 600 copies

Gold LP - limited to 200 copies (only available via /
European webshop only)

Clear LP- limited to 200 copies (only available via / US
webshop only)

ASPHYX "Last One On Earth (Re-Issue 2015)"

Standard LP sleeve with printed innersleeve, full-colour labels, 180g vinyl.

Black LP - limited to 600 copies

Silver LP - limited to 200 copies (only available via /
European webshop only)

Transparent red LP- limited to 200 copies (exclusive to /
US webshop only)

Last year, ASPHYX announced the departure of founding member / drummer
Bob Bagchus (now playing with the re-activated death/black metal
outfit Soulburn), who was replaced by Stefan Hüskens (Desaster,
Metalucifer), and the band is currently working on material for a next
studio album effort in order to follow up 2012's much acclaimed
"Deathhammer" release. In the meantime, ASPHYX will also continue to
perform intense shows all over the globe and here is a list of all
upcoming dates that have already been announced:

ASPHYX - Live 2015:
21.02.15 Bergen (Norway) - Blastfest
28.02.15 Szcecin (Poland) - Rock In Szcecin
14.03.15 Durango (Spain) - Euskal Assault Festival
04.04.15 London (UK) - The Dome / Doom Over London V
17.04.15 Rome (Italy) - Traffic Club
18.04.15 Brescia (Italy) - Circolo Colony
25.04.15 Barcelona (Spain) - Boveda
16.05.15 Hyvinkää (Finland) - Steelfest
06.06.15 Geiselwind (Germany) - Out & Loud Festival
18.07.15 Balingen (Germany) - Bang Your Head Festival
06.08.15 Jaromer (Czech Republic) - Brutal Assault Open Air
07.08.15 Schlotheim (Germany) - Party.San Open Air
12.09.15 Andernach (Germany) - Death Feast

ASPHYX line-up:
Martin van Drunen - Vocals
Paul Baayens - Guitars
Alwin Zuur - Bass
Stefan Hüskens - Drums

ASPHYX online:
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-ZINE