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Rick Wakeman and The “Vivaldi Metal Project”

ALL-METAL-STAR amazing project which will blow you away!

Mistheria, Alberto Rigoni, Mark Boals, Michael Lepond, John Macaluso, Vitalij Kuprij, Roger Staffelbach, Dani Loeble, Andreas Passmark, Joe Stump, Mark Cross, Barry Sparks, Lars Lehmann, Chris Adler, Tommy Denander, Douglas Docker, Pawel Penksa, Chity Somapala, Pier Gonella, Emir Hot, Rick Renstrom, Andy Midgley, Maurizio Boco, Dino Fiorenza, Andy Basiola, Ivan Mihaljevic, Neil Zaza, Roni Sauaf, Srdjan Brankovic, Goran Nystrom, Andy Basiola, Stefano Sbrignadello, Tom Asvold, more to be announced...

Rick Wakeman
rick wakeman on stage with keyboards
On January 12nd, 2015, Vivaldi Metal Project's mastermind Mistheria and co-producer Alberto Rigoni met the wizard of keyboards and Rock legend of all times Mr.Rick Wakeman (YES). We are extremely proud to announce that he has confirmed his participation in the Vivaldi Metal Project! We feel really amazed and deeply honored!Rick left a message to the Vivaldi Metal Project's fans/followers as well:

Special thanks to Mrs. Linda Brusasco, Mrs. Ros Tsang and Mr. Tim Tate and all the staff atInteresting Films for having organized the meeting in such a fantastic way and all together we thank Giorgio Spolaor, kind friend and pro engineer, at Blue Train's studio for hosting the meeting.

The Project

The classic legendary masterpiece "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi will be arranged in a Metal version and will be performed by top class musicians from all the world.

Recordings will happen in 2015 and more news will be revealed soon! Info and updates on

Concept and production by Mistheria (
Co-produced by Alberto Rigoni (

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Latest announcements:

On January 8th, 2015, we have been proud to announce that the amazing bass player Barry Sparks, former bass player of Yngwie Malmsteen, the Michael Schenker Group, UFO, Dokken, and Ted Nugent amongst others, has joined our project!

Mr. Vitalij Kuprij (Artension, Ring of Fire, TranSiberian Orchestra) one of the most acclaimed Metal piano/keyboards icons, will amaze you with his unmatched virtuosity!
Announced on December 15th, 2015:

Killer guitar player Roger Staffelbach (Artension, Artlantica) has been announced on January 2nd, adding so another great axe in the roaster!

On December 27th, 2014, Royal Hunt's formidable Bass player Andreas Passmark has been announced:

Other amazing musicians that they recently announced are:
Lars Lehmann, incredible bass player (Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, Simon Phillips, Clyde Stubblefield, Marty Friedman, amongst others)

Talented Swedish drummer Tom Åsvold (Polarization, Paincraze, Dimension34)

One of the most powerful voices of Sweden Göran Nyström (Twinspirits, Silent Call)

Stefano Stex Sbrignadello, where opera and metal singing meet!
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