quarta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2015

New ARENA album, "The Unquiet Sky"

They are please to announce that their new Studio album is available for Pre-Order from their website. All pre-orders will be shipped on 23rd March 2015, 1 month before the official release date.

ARENA, The Unquiet Sky

The 8th Studio Album produced by Simon Hanhart

Track List :
The Demon Strikes
How Did it Come to This?
The Bishop of Lufford
Oblivious to the Night
No Chance Encounter
Markings on a Parchment
The Unquiet Sky
What Happened Before
Time Runs Out
Returning the Curse
Unexpected Dawn
Traveller Beware

From Clive: It was a combination of ideas - I had decided to base the album on a short horror story by M.R. James called 'Casting the Runes' - some people may have seen the old 1957 film version called 'Night of the Demon'. We were looking for an album title and John suggested 'The Unquiet Sky' even though he was unaware of my concept idea - as far as I was concerned, it fitted the mood I had in mind for the album

All of the Artwork for the new album has been created by Kylan Amos.

Pre-Order from Arenaband.co.uk CLICK HERE

Pre-Order from Verglas CLICK HERE


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