quinta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2015

DREAMGRAVE and 'Presentiment'

Progressive dark metal band Dreamgrave released critically acclaimed concept album called 'Presentiment'.

Prog Metal Zone  "This is gonna knock you out! Amazing debut by this dark and at times foreboding band. Very much influenced by bands like Tool and Katatonia but with a strong dark symphonic metal aspect. Great use of female and male (mostly) death vocals too. Dramatic gothic-esque keyboards add tremendous depth to the sound. Seriously, Dreamgrave is one of the best debuts we've heard in a long time and easily one of the best albums of the year."

Metal Underground: This latest release sees the group wrapping progressive and post-rock elements around a core of dark metal with a beauty-and-the-beast presentation of harsh growls and female clean singing. From technical noodling to psychedelic keyboards and more, the full-length has more than a few surprises up its sleeve, and is well worth hearing for fans of progressive metal that loves to play with the boundaries between genres." 

Angry Metal Guy: "Great arrangements. Particularly the interplay between the growls and the cleans are extremely good. So keep your eye peeled for @DreamgraveBand."

Exploring the realm of our dreams in some ethereal balance, unrestrained by definable sound, in a daunting storm of emotions. Wrapped in an abstract, distress-filled fantasy the album presents our impressions about our world, our society, ourselves - the reason we are here and ultimately the ending we are headed. The album consists of eight movements

Cover art

The Labyrinth is a creation by Budapest-based artist, Norbert Fekete. Since this is a sort of conceptual recording about human fears, fate and suggest a positive outcome we decided to build the cover around such ideas. The maze totally fits this mindset as it demonstrates hopelessness (by seemingly endless labyrinth, vast walls) and the randomness of our fate (storm on the left, brighter sky on the right) quite well. 


After the unexpected success of the Deadborn Dreams demo the band had troubles finding stable, lasting members. While the search has taken up several years, founder and band leader Dömötör Gyimesi worked on his ideas which eventually became the foundation for the Presentiment LP. In September 2012 he met János Mayer which has not only shifted the songs towards a more progressive approach but became the turning point in the band's history. In September 2013 the band started recording the demos with the beautiful soprano of Mária Molnár. After a lot of hard work the band finally went into the studio to record the Presentiment LP, a concept album consisting of eight progressive dark metal movements. 

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LP facts
Genre: progressive dark metal
Run-time: 53 minutes, 8 tracks
Producer / Mix / Master: Gábor Vári
Studio: Black Hole Sound
Publication: digital download (streaming, download), limited digipack
Inspirations from: Opeth, Steven Wilson, Storm Corrosion, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Tool, Anathema, Haken

Dömötör Gyimesi (vocals, guitars)
János Mayer (keyboards)
Mária Molnár (vocals)
Ádám Kovács (guitars)
Domonkos Altorjay (drums)
Krisztina Baranyi (violin)
Márton Attila Kovács (bass)