segunda-feira, fevereiro 09, 2015

Design - "In Other Words"

"Design" is a Greek melodic rock band that has been formed in Athens
in the fall of 2009.

The original idea came from Chris "Crystal" (drums) and Jimmy "Serra" (bass).

In addition, Geo "Mats" (guitar) joined the band in early 2010.

The band's line up was finalized with the add of Johnny "Sc" (piano &
keyboards) and Ili Kar (vocals).

"Design" has already composed its own music and at the time being,
band's members release their first album called "In Other Words" under
FM Records.


1. In other words
2. Breakout
3. Everyday
4. The meaning of love
5. Twenty eight
6. Fire is in your heart
7. Maybe next time
8. Saturday night
9. Hold me
10. Only heaven knows

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