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WAMI (White Appice Mendoza Iggy) – “Wild Woman” video out now on Youtube!

Great news for the fans of WAMI! The band's new official video "Wild Woman" can be watched now on Youtube. Check it out at this location.
"It's a story about music, love, rock'n'roll, beautiful women and tuff guys on motorbikes. And what's most important - about Iggy's love for guitar".  
The video was made by Mania Studio ( with photos taken mainly in Goleniów, Iggy's hometown. Guest performance (as Iggy's mum) was done by Lidia Popiel, an acclaimed Polish photographer. The animation was done by Białkowscy brothers from Szczecin.
WAMI - the names associated with this project are true legends on the hard rock scene: on the vocals - Doogie White (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen), on the drums - Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, DIO), on the bass - Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), who join forces with the young Polish guitarist Igor 'Iggy' Gwadera (born in 1997).
The idea to record an album together was born after Thin Lizzy's concert in Poland. Bassist Marco Mendoza, delighted with the young guitarist Iggy, who supported Thin Lizzy with his band Anti Tank Nun, suggested that they record some music together. This first idea, which was maturing for the next dozen-odd months, eventually evolved into a project involving legendary musicians, who recorded a brand new album together with Iggy. In late November 2013, after Vinny Appice and Marco Mendoza recorded the bass and drum tracks, Doogie White confronted his vocal talent with Iggy's guitar technique during their recording sessions in Poland. The truly outstanding results of these sessions are included on the album entitled "Kill the King"!!
"Kill The King, proves one undisputed fact – this international, intergenerational hard rock WAMI project really works. And even more, the sensational artistic collaboration between a group of talented Polish musicians and the three hard rock legends would be seriously unappreciated if referred to only as a curio in Appice's or White's vast discographies. It's so because of many reasons – not only the predictable quality of the performance by the legendary musicians of Rainbow, Dio or Whitesnake fame, but also well-crafted compositions penned by the creative duo of Cugowski brothers. The true scene stealer is, however, the guitarist Iggy Gwadera – being not even old enough to vote and still, capable of meeting such a challenge. His talent and prowess, surprising at such young age, really shines through the entire album, and it's almost certain we'll hear about this gifted young man in the future – perhaps mentioned again alongside big names of the music industry. Let's also hope Kill The King won't be the last album under the WAMI moniker – although with the bar set so high with the first one, it'll be hard to top it. Much recommended."
"Kill the King" album is available on CD DG, LP and on iTunes (
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