sexta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2015

MoonJune Records New Release - MARK WINGFIELD "Proof of Light"

"Mark Wingfield…determination to take his instrument
into previously-unknown territory"  - Anil Prasad, InnerViews

Following in the tradition of the greatest pioneering guitarists of XX century – icons such as Beck, Torn, Rypdal, Fripp, Holdsworth, Belew, Frisell and Hendrix – American-born Englishman Mark Wingfieldoffers a completely new vision for the potential of sound and expression that the electric guitar holds, establishing an entirely new vocabulary and palette of tones. But, for Mark, that is where the "following" abruptly ends! With sensitive, dynamic support from fellow messengers, upright bassist Yaron Stavi and drummer extraordinaire Asaf Sirkis, "Proof of Light" ventures to sonic destinations whose coordinates lie well off the intergalactic map. Fresh, vital and completely inventive, in the truest sense, the music this fabulous trio produces is reminiscent of the ECM "glory years", from the late '70's through the mid '80's. The performances are bold and daring, and bordering on the telepathic; the compositions are profoundly visionary and innovative, yet still heartfelt. Equally pleasing to connoisseurs of 'guitar albums,' cutting-edge progressive jazz, and eclectic progressive music, "Proof of Light"  is immediately essential: showcasing Mark Wingfield as one of the most imaginative, imperative voices on guitar to emerge in this new millennium.

"In Proof Of Light, Mark Wingfield's debut album on MoonJune Records, the instruments have been relieved of their usual responsibilities and constraints and are thus able to better serve the emotional intensity of this highly charged and powerfully lyrical music. Mark Wingfield's guitar serves as thesinger through the creation of mercurial fluid vocalizing and often feels more like light coming through different layers of fabric than an electrified stringed instrument. Asaf Sirkis' amazing drumming seems to mimic weather conditions, full of dynamic tension and give and take. His style possesses the fullest imaginable range of pitches and velocities giving both structure and atmosphere to the songs. Upright bass has never sounded this assertive and large, and Yaron Stavi creates a gorgeous and authoritative looming presence in the music. All three players also take turns playing melodic leads. "Proof Of Light' is one of the most inspired and original recordings heard in recent years."
          - Daniel Burke (contributor to Jazz Inside)

Like the artwork on his new album Proof of Light, Mark Wingfield's music soars high above the subliminal, the terrestrial, the mundane, transporting us with his musical voyage. Eschewing the traditional role of the guitar in a trio, his axe takes on the role of a vocalist or a horn – shimmering and sometimes bellowing with expression and imagery of profound beauty. Progressive innovative guitar at its finest!
          – Jerry Gordon (Serenade to a Cuckoo, WPRB Radio, Princeton University)

Mark Wingfield's influences are rooted in John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, Jimi Hendrix  and as well in  jazz, rock, Indian, Japanese, African and classical music. Part of the hallmark of both his guitar playing and his composing, is that these influences are fused with western classical music, and integrated into a distinctive musical voice. His compositions blend lyrical melodies with a distinctive harmonic palette and sometimes complex rhythmic components. He has recorded numerous albums as a leader, and has recorded or performed with internationally acclaimed musicians including Iain Ballamy, Kevin Kastning, Asaf Sirkis, Yaron Stavi, Thomas Strønen, Jeremy Stacey, Robert Mitchell, Jane Chapman, René von Grünig, Christoph Leistner. Wingfield was also involved with the ground breaking internet band ResRocket within which he played with such musicians as Tricky, Matt Black, Peter Gabriel, Elliott Randall, Todd Rundgren and Dave Stewart.
Yaron Stavi, based in Lodon and originally from Israel, has played and recorded previously with Gilad Atzmon, Robert Wyatt, Nigel Kennedy, Richard Galliano, David Gilmour, Phil Manzanera, John Etheridge, Asaf Sirkis.
Asaf Sirkis, also originally from Israel and based in London, has played and recorded previously with Gilad Atzmon, Tim Garland, Gwylim Simcock, Gary Husband, Larry Coryell, John Abercrombie, Jeff Berlin.