sexta-feira, março 21, 2014

Barclay James Harvest a special EP

As part of the seventh annual Record Store Day, Esoteric Antenna will
be releasing a special four-track 12" EP by John Lees' Barclay James

The EP will comprise the two songs which were missing from the vinyl
LP of "North", plus last Christmas's download-only single of "Hymn
(2013)" and an exclusive live track from the band's 2011 concert at
the Buxton Opera House.

Full details are as follows:

Side One:
1. Ancient Waves
2. On Top Of The World

Side Two:
1. Hymn (2013)
2. Ancient Waves (live at Buxton Opera House February 2011)

The EP is strictly limited to 750 copies, and will ONLY be available
from participating independent record shops in the UK on Record Store
Day, 19th April, 2014. A list of the stores and more information can
be found on the official Record Store Day web site at

It is possible that, if there are some copies unsold after the day, so
to speak, we MAY be able to offer them for sale through the BJH web
site, but we cannot guarantee that. The only way to be sure of getting
one is to visit your local participating independent record shop.
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