quarta-feira, março 26, 2014

Walter Trout awaits liver transplant and releases new album

Legendary blues rock guitarist, Walter Trout, currently at UCLA Medical Centre, where he is in urgent need of a liver transplant, will release a new album entitled THE BLUES CAME CALLIN’ on Monday June 2nd via Provogue Records.  The album also coincides with the release of a major book and a documentary. 
“It’s been heartbreaking to watch Walter struggle through these past many months,” says Walter’s manager/wife, Marie Trout.  “We tried various treatment options provided by Walter’s doctors and liver specialists. One by one the treatments failed. Even as he became a shadow of his former self, after losing 100 pounds and his strength, he continued touring, writing, playing, singing, and recording.  It’s a therapeutic lifeline for him when the blues comes callin’.  The theme of this album is coloured by his confrontation with mortality combined with a deep, all-abiding desire to persevere.” 
From the first time Walter Trout as a tormented teenager heard the haunting guitar playing of Mike Bloomfield, he instinctually knew the blues was his calling.  2014 marks the year Walter Trout looks back at an almost 50-year commitment to playing and singing the blues.  The songs on the album reflect Walter’s thoughts about mortality and his renewed appreciation for being alive. 
Says Walter, "To play my music for people has become even more important to me. When I think about looking out into the crowds of people and connecting with everyone on a soul level, and sharing the experience of music with them, this is what keeps me fighting to get back: My family and my music is my lifeline. These days, it means more to me than ever before." 
Walter is fighting for his life and there is nothing to celebrate at this moment,” says Ed van Zijl, the MD of Provogue Records.  “This is so very very sad and we all are praying for Walter to come out on top. The album will be released June 2nd as planned as Walter definitely wants this one to be heard. In the meantime our hearts are with Walter and his family." 
For the official online press release, album artwork, EPK and photos, click here .
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