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Supertramp 'Breakfast In America' at 35/ InTheStudio

Roger Hodgson Serves Up 

Supertramp’s 18 Million-Seller Breakfast In America InTheStudio

Dallas, TX - March 4, 2014. North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands  sits down with Roger Hodgson, former singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist for Supertramp, on the 35th anniversary of their international blockbuster Breakfast In America. 

On the eve of Breakfast In America’s release, no one outside the Brit ex-pat band’s tight inner circle living in suburban Los Angeles had any reason to see what was about to happen. Sure, their U.S. label patiently had given them the time to gel, as exhibited in the band’s brilliant 1974 album Crime of the Century. But after ten years together and five albums, Supertramp’s commercial success was modest at best.

All of that changed in March of 1979 when the world woke up to “The Logical Song”, making it an instant hit, followed by “Take the Long Way Home”, “Goodbye Stranger” and “Breakfast In America” all on the musical menu. The album soared to # 1, selling 6 million records in the U.S. and 18 million worldwide, becoming the Egg McMuffin of popular music. But as InTheStudio host Redbeard finds out from Roger Hodgson, who along with Rick Davies wrote and sang these hits, Breakfast In America came with a price. Roger explains,

“It was a double-edged sword. I could sense the album was going to be huge, but I could also sense that the band was splitting up. I could feel it. The beginning of the end was sown.” 

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