sexta-feira, março 14, 2014

Sound Of Contact band member update

Sound Of Contact are delighted to announce that Bill Jenkins will join Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey, Randy McStine and Ronen Gordon for their forthcoming Moody Blues Cruise/Cruise To The Edge and RoSFest appearances this Spring.  The renowned keyboard player is a member of the band Enchant, performing on their 2003 'Tug of War' and 2004's 'Live at Last' albums, both released by Inside Out.  Bill also recently appeared on the 2013 Thought Chamber album entitled 'Psykerion' and stepped in to perform with Spocks Beard at their shows in San Diego and Los Angeles last August.

"We are thrilled to have Bill with us for our up-coming live dates," Simon Collins was quoted as saying, adding "He came very highly recommended to Sound Of Contact and his talent was obvious to all when we first ran through the material." "The band is sounding fantastic in rehearsals and we are all excited to be out performing live for our fans once again in the coming months."  Bill Jenkins added "I'm very excited for this opportunity to play these upcoming shows with Sound of Contact - a great group of guys and awesome music!"

You can catch Sound Of Contact performing live April 2nd - 7th on the Moody Blues Cruise, April 7th - 12th on Cruise To The Edge and May 3rd at RoSFest.  Please for further details. To access a new publicity image of Sound Of Contact, please click here.
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