sexta-feira, março 14, 2014

EDGE OF THORNS and the album "Insomnia"

EDGE OF THORNS were founded in 1996 by Dirk „Duke“ Schmitt (voc, guitars) and Johannes Schütz (drums) in Bitburg. The line-up was completed by bassplayer Oliver Brück and keyboarder Lothar Krämer. From the very start the focus was on own compositions. Initially the band focussed on the dark sides of metal while Duke could concentrate on singing alone after the guitar duo Dave Brixius and Achim Sinzinger joined in 1998. The songs became faster, harder, more melodic and varying. Wreaking riffs, double lead guitars, catchy choruses characterize the songs of that time. Hymns like “Riders of the Storm”, “Dark Magician” or “Lost” came into being which should not be missed at any EDGE OF THORNS concert.

After several self-produced demos 2003 the album “Ravenland” was presented to the metal community. Jobwise and family reasons lead into several line-up changes. Achim switched from guitar to bass and Dave was the only guitar player now. Temporarily the band was supported by keyboarder Markus Olk. At this stage the album “Masquerading of the Wicked” was done which was released beginning of 2008 and was received well. The songs became more various - stamping, catchy Metal songs mix up with speedy double-bass-killers, varying vocals, hard riffing, melodies and lunatic guitar solos without losing sight of the song. Because the keyboards increasingly became less presence in 2007 EDGE OF THORNS used two guitars again .


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