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TAMTRUM ends on a high note with 'ATVFM (allez tous vous faire mettre)' CD+DVD set

This wouldn't be TAMTRUM if they didn't leave the scene with a final word & image. And this resulted in the CD+DVD set "ATVFM (allez tous vous faire mettre)", which could be translated as 'go and fuck yourselves' which will please a lot of fans, not in the least because of the huge amount of tracks on it.
On this final release TAMTRUM summarizes 9 years of existence spread over 4 releases and 125 concerts in a dozen of countries. Included is a live DVD recording of their farewell tour recorded with some 8 different camera's in Paris (Divan du Monde) in September 2012.
But it also holds their memorable 30 minute live show at Hellfest in 2010 plus some video clips as well as a 75 minute self-filmed "rock-umentary" shot on the road with and by the band members throughout 2005 to 2012. And that 'rock-umentary' isn't really a surprise as TAMTRUM was known for having a very tumultuous life on the road. You'll get to see the band's renown backstage excesses and the internal band clashes.
The set is completed with a 15-track CD compilation gathering the band's highlights, but also a bunch of unreleased songs and rare versions. It also includes the exclusive "The Ricky Horror Picture Show" track which is the very last song ever recorded by TAMTRUM in the true tradition of their early club hits. You also get the fully newly rerecorded versions of the cult songs "Tantrum", "Extazy" and "My Vile Venom" next to other rare songs and remixes.
This release comes in PAL format 16:9 - Region free – FSK age 18+. For North American fans, this is not an NSTC compatible format, so it might not play correctly on non compatible DVD players in North America. But who hasn't gone region free on their DVD players anyhow.
All in all, a beautiful way to end, and that's also what the band's Sylvicious Deslaves thinks when we probed him for some feedback:""Allez Tous Vous Faire Mettre" is not a fucking posthumous shit, like big bands do for bringing in even more money (all the money we've earned was always re-injected in this fucking band). This is a fucking compilation with kick ass songs. "The Ricky Horror Picture Show" is a killer track just like "Parano" or "Abort the Pope". It's DVD we started to work on since the beginning of the band. I really hope you gonna enjoy it. Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll - What Else ? xxx"
A savourer avec plein de liqueur !
You can order the CD+DVD set in the Alfa Matrix webstore in various packages, if you prefer a download (excluding some tracks though), then go to Bandcamp for an HQ download. Note that Alfa Matrix has now also re-released the band's debut LP "Some atomik songz" on Bandcamp for the very first time ever as a HQ audio download.

  1. The Ricky Horror Picture Show
  2. Tantrum (New Version)
  3. Don’t Stay Away From Me
  4. My Vile Venom (Casanova Mix)
  5. P.I.G.
  6. La Menthe Vénéneuse
  7. Extazy (New Version)
  8. Le Son de le Pluie (2k6 Mix)
  9. Chronic Lies
  10. In This Cold Terrific Room
  11. Personal Jesus (DEPECHE MODE Cover)
  12. I Am Morbid (MORBID ANGEL Cover)
  13. Under the Sign of the Angel Dust
  14. Le Son de la Pluie (Fils de Pute Remix by GRENDEL)
  15. My Fall (STILLIFE Remix)
DVD (over 3 hours of Tamtrum!)
Live Concert in Paris – France (27 Sept 2012) – 75 min 
  1. Le son de la Pluie
  2. Tantrum
  3. Pervert Inc.
  4. Swallow the Life
  5. Paranoaik, Hypokondriak & Toxicomaniac
  6. Under the Sign of the Angel Dust
  7. Ass Rider
  8. Fuck You I'm Drunk
  9. Milky Boy
  10. Killed
  11. My Fall
  12. Abort the Pope
  13. Datura Dream
  14. The World you Live in (Feat. Rose Hreidmarr and Fabrizio Volponi from THE CNK) 
Live concert at Hellfest in 2010 – 30 min 
  1. Paranoaik, Hypokondriak & Toxicomaniac
  2. Abort the Pope
  3. Swallow the Life
  4. Fuck You I'm Drunk
  5. Datura Dream
  6. The World you Live in 
  • Pervert Inc.(video clip)
  • Rockumentary – 75 minutes of backstage shot on the road with and by the band members throughout 2005 to 2012. Including Russia, Sweden (Arvika fest), Belgium, Switzerland, etc.
  • extensive photo gallery
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