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Glenn Hughes reveals artwork & tracklisting for "California Breed"

CALIFORNIA BREED is the new rock and roll power trio featuring legendary vocalist-bassist Glenn Hughes, drummer extraordinaire Jason Bonham and 23-year-old newcomer guitarist-vocalist Andrew Watt.

Mixing massive riffs, gutsy vocals and gale force rhythms, the band’s self-titled debut album will be released in the UK on May 19th by Frontiers Records. The album will be released in regular CD and CD/DVD Deluxe Edition formats.  

Read the full press release and download the hi-res album artwork here

CALIFORNIA BREED was produced by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Lindi Ortega, Shooter Jennings) at his Nashville-based studio and features equal co-writing credits among the three-man line-up. “It’s proper rock”, says Hughes, “but at the same time it’s very now. I live in the moment, California Breed is where I live, breathe and where my freak flag flies.”

Tracklisting for CALIFORNIA BREED’s self-titled debut album:

California Breed - Official Biography

Glenn Hughes has spent the subsequent years working with the biggest legends in music, as a solo star, and guesting with everyone from Black Sabbath to Earth, Wind & Fire – up to his most recent collaboration in rock supergroup Black Country Communion, which included Jason Bonham.

When Black Country Communion disbanded Hughes and Bonham had a strong desire to keep playing together. They're only challenge was finding a new guitarist worthy of their musicality.

Easier said than done for these stars, who between them, have worked with some of the greatest guitarists in history, including Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page and Joe Bonamassa, to name just a few.

Fate took a hand in things when Glenn’s friend Julian Lennon introduced him to the astounding talents of a New York City hotshot guitarist named Andrew Watt. "Literally, the first day me and Andrew got together we wrote two songs," recalls Hughes. "One was ‘Chemical Rain’ and the other was ‘Solo’, both featured on the new album. I was so moved by the music, I said, ‘We’ve got to record this!’ That’s when I called Jason."

Cut to autumn 2013. Recording with producer Dave Cobb at his studio in Nashville, added all the finishing touches, says Hughes. At Cobb’s insistence, every vocal was recorded live as the band was playing. "Totally the reverse of what I’m used to," says Hughes. "I went into that aggressive rock soulfulness and everything down to the whispers, it was all done live! I enjoyed myself so much, just going for it. For a three-piece, the sheer range of sounds and melodies you get from California Breed are breathtaking."

*Deluxe Edition includes “Solo” bonus track, and a DVD including 2 video clips (“The Way” and “Sweet Tea”, plus documentary).

Glenn Hughes will be in London for face to face interviews on April 1st and 2nd.
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