sexta-feira, março 14, 2014


Kingcrow will play the final gigs of their In Crescendo Europe tour this April, 
after the successful series of European and North American concerts last year. 
The band will share the stage with Fates Warning as well as play the Rock ITtervoort Festival.

Right after the tour the band will hit the studio for the recordings of the successor of “In Crescendo”! 

Tour dates:
Apr. 11 – Rock ITtervoort Fest – Ittervoort (The Netherlands)  with Threshold and NemQ
Apr. 21 - Matrix - Bochum (Germany)   with Fates Warning
Apr. 23 - Amager Bio – Copenhagen (Denmark) 
with Fates Warning and Divided Moltitude
Apr. 24 - K17 – Berlin (Germany)  with Fates Warning
Apr. 25 - Rock Cafè St. Pauli – Hamburg (Germany)  with Fates Warning
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