quarta-feira, março 12, 2014

DESERTFEST Berlin 2014

March is here, the sunny days too... and for us, that means only one thing : DESERTFEST BERLIN 2014is approaching ! We hope that all of you are as excited as we are !
With the last wave of psychedelic additions (RED STONER SUN, SIENA ROOT and THE MACHINE) our line-up is now full and looks better than ever. The running order will come soon, and we still have more surprises for you !
Our partnership with Volcom is one of them : Having Volcom Entertainment artists Wino (Spirit Caravan), ASG and Radio Moscow plus their friends Kvelertak on the bill made this decision very easy. We are proud to team up with them, and to tell that they will get a booth during the festival where you will be able to make your own Desertfest baseball cap for free, and hang out with the bands !

You can find all the info & links to buy your tickets at the bottom of this newsletter.
THURSDAY 24th with SPIRIT CARAVAN headlining + Sleepy Sun - Pet The Preacher - Asg - The Midnight Ghost Train - Cojones
FRIDAY 25th with KVELERTAK headlining + Causa Sui - Elder - Church Of Misery - Gozu - Huata - Hull - Black Rainbows - Prisma Circus - The Moth - Red Stoner Sun

SATURDAY 26th with CLUTCH headlining + Radio Moscow - The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic - Sasquatch - The Graviators - Stoned Jesus - Sardonis - The Machine - Radar Men From The Moon - Castle - Powder For Pigeons - Doctor Doom.

THE MACHINE is a power trio who deals in extemporisation and explorative freak-outs, led by guitarist/vocalist David Eering and filled and thickened by the rhythm section of bassist Hans van Heemst and drummer Davy Boogaard.
Evolving from the roots of modern stoner rock, their music features powerful hard-hitting rock, a fair dose of retro psych, acid-blues jamming and more experimental approach. Their very own sound is a compromise between organic and groovy drumming, inventive low end pounding and a punishing wall of guitar with some old school lead work.
Since forming in 2007, THE MACHINE has grown more than the four records they have released can tell, playing at some amazing occasions like the fantastic Burg Herzberg Festival (2011), DunaJam Festival (2012) and Yellowstock Festival (2013), as well as numerous club shows throughout Europe.
Built on the framework of their recorded tracks, each of their loud and heavy performances develops into a unique beast and a fresh psychedelic excursion, and you are warmly invited to probe new psychedelic domains at DESERTFEST BERLIN 2014. You're not gonna regret it !

RED STONER SUN is a Berlin-based band playing a skilled blend of experimental outtaspace desert-rock and good old heavy dirty blues. Formed in September 1998, by drummer Eazy and guitarist/vocalist Marceese, join a bit later by bassplayer Hensen, RED STONER SUN self-released not less that 5 jam-session promo CDs during their first year.
They started the new millenium by playing wherever they could, supporting Danko Jones, Madrugada, Zen Guerilla, Rotor, & Ojo Rojo to name a few, and after a successful year, RED STONER SUN finally released in December 2000 their first studio album called “El Paso Vol. II”.
Then followed an almot 13-year gap (where they performed very few shows, and released tow other sessions/complitations) that however lead to the release of their second album : recorded at Goldfisch Studio in Berlin, “Echo Return” was out in December 2013 via Timezone Records, and is a real psychedelic flight back to the 60s and 70s music !

Founded in Stockholm in the late ‘90s, SIENA ROOT is an experienced live act and an experimental project. The band's sound is classic but yet original, based on heavy organ, howling guitars, bass riffing and big drums. It is also often enriched with bluesy soulful vocals, various guest musicians and psychedelic vibes. Actually they capture the very essence of all that is good and great about 70’s Hard Rock !
SIENA ROOT is well known for its unique spectra of appearances, its broad musical range and its different interpretations of rock music. It's a constant transforming group, ranging from acoustic sitar to distorted hurdy gurdy. So far, SIENA ROOT released four full length studio albums, one live album, one DVD and one 7” single, each one marking the development and refinement of the band's diverse style.
Through touring, the music has developed in such a way, that jamming and improvising has become an essential element. A SIENA ROOT concert is dramatic and exciting, visually, as well as emotionally. It's a dynamic and unique rootrock experience that we are extremely pleased to welcome at DESERTFEST BERLIN !
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