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Cross Over Chaos: the results of Uganga's second european tour

The Brazilian thrashcore band played 10 gigs over eight different
countries in July

"Cross Over Chaos - European Tour 2013". This was the title of one
more sucessful european tour completed by UGANGA. This time, the
Brazilian thrashcore band played 10 gigs during a 15 days trip in
Along with the polish thrash metal band Terrodome, UGANGA visited some
countries that the band had not played in its previous 2010 european
tour, like Hungary, Austria, France, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia,
besides Poland and Switzerland that already knew the fire power of the

According to the vocalist Manu Joker, "Cross Over Chaos - European
Tour 2013" exceeded all expectations and consolidated the
international career of the band.

"It may sound redundant, cliché or whatever it is, but the truth is
that the second Uganga tour in Europe was even better than the first
one, which had been great", says the musician. "We have our feet on
the ground and we don't go there dreaming about fairy tales. We had
consciousness that just a few people there knew "who's this Uganga?"
when we went for the first time, and because of that we worked hard to
promote the album Vol 3, our first release in Europe. The response was
good, Metal Soldiers Records from Portugal did its job, and so us with
our manager Eliton Tomasi, and with that we came back more popular
this time, but nothing more than you can find on the underground
basements of any place in the world. We also need to highlight the
great job the guys of Terrordome did, they are a great band and worked
hard to make this tour happen like it was."

Is remarkable the amount of Brazilian bands that have been venturing
through european roads on the last years. Not finding in Brazil a
favorable market with appropriate opportunities and conditions, even
more heavy metal bands have been focusing its work on foreign market
searching for recognition.

UGANGA is no exception, however, the band's work outsides is not
punctual, but it has been built a few years now and with prospects for
growth and return increasingly better.

"In general, the conditions offered in Europe are better than here in
Brazil", continues Joker. "We live in a very beautiful country, but
ruled by pigs thieves. In Europe you have better equipment, better
structured clubs, punctuality and fair fees in most of the cases. But,
for me, what most marked in this second trip was the reaction of the
people to our music, after all, we went there to play! It was
rewarding to see that even singing in portuguese, we had a great
response night after night with people headbanging during all the set,
screaming the name of the band, buying merchandise and looking for us
to talk and take pictures after the gigs. I'm sure that our third
european tour will be even better than the second one and so on.
Keeping the head in place, we can go far beyond from where we are

UGANGA has launched a video of the new song "Moleque de Pedra"
recorded live at Zberny Music Club in Ozimek, Poland, during the
"Cross Over Chaos Tour".
Check it out:

Besides the vocalist Manu "Joker" (famous for also being the drummer
of Sarcofágo in the eighties), UGANGA is formed by Christian Franco
(guitar), Thiago Soraggi(guitar), Raphael "Ras" Franco (bass) and
Marco Henriques (drums).

UGANGA's second european tour had as goal the promotion of the band's
most recent release, the live album Eurocaos Ao Vivo, which was
recorded in Germany and Portugal in 2010.
At the moment the band is about to release its fifth album, the fourth
studio release, titled Opressor. The recordings were already finished
at Rock Lab Studios in Goiania/Brazil with the producer Gustavo
Vazquez (Black Drawning Chalks, Macaco Bong, Krow, Hellbenders) and
will bring 10 brand new tracks besides a new recording for a brazilian
heavy metal classic.

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