domingo, setembro 29, 2013


CRYSTAL PALACE - "The System Of Events"
German art rock powerhouse Crystal Palace is back with a brand new record entitled "The System of Events". On it they ask: "Is there a formula that determines our lives?" Well, we will see about that… However, the Berlin four-piece has most definitely solved an entirely different mystery: what does an art rock-album have to sound like these days? The answer: it has to sound like "The System of Events"! With the help of a dream team a real gemstone of an album has emerged. After numerous releases, critical acclaim from all across the world and the production of a fan-anthem for Germany's leading ice hockey club, Crystal Palace has now teamed up with the label Gentle Art of Music and are set to release a piece of work on 04 October that once and for all establishes the band as a driving force among the German art rock community. "The System of Events" distinguishes itself through courageous songwriting, intelligent arrangements and a compelling storyline that takes the listener on a thrilling journey of eight brilliantly crafted songs: Is there a formula that determines our lives or do we have matters in our own hands? To accomplish the mammoth task of this ambitious project, Crystal Palace has gathered a squad that makes the heart of every fan race: Yogi Lang of RPWL has assumed responsibility of the sound. He immersed into the music and brilliantly succeeded in underlining the subtle complexity that constitutes the distinctive character of the songs on "The System of Events." Moreover, Crystal Palace summoned international superstar Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree and has thus managed to get a real heavyweight of the art rock scene onboard. The dream team is ultimately completed by RPWL's guitarist Kalle Wallner, who, in the title song, also contributes to perfect the masterpiece that is this album. That leaves us with only one more question to ask: is there a formula to our lives or not? Is there such a thing as a "System of Events?" Well, in case there is, "The System of Events" shows: the formula means well towards art rock fans all over the world.
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