segunda-feira, setembro 09, 2013


Alienatura is a fancy word, composed by the intersection of words alien and nature: it contains multiple interpretations that see the protagonist the Nature as Entity and Spirit. The cover (painted by talented painter Alessandro Sala) depicts the Nature ripping a curtain (which outlines the theatrical element of artistic music) and invades the homes and villages pushing towards the sea and brandishing so surreal moon, trying to recover what you have been ripped off. In the lyrics is the ambivalence of the word alienanatura, they tell of how humans often forget the arcane bond with Nature and circles (mostly in vain) to govern and subdue it, thus alienating it. The Moon and the Wind are two fundamental elements of the image. The introduction of the disc is a sort of translation into music of a current of wind that crosses different corners of the world to reach the minds of those who play (and listen to), thus providing a key to the entire disk. The voices are another important element of this second job: the new singer Francesco Ciapica, offering brand new colors to the musical interpretations and each member of the group lends his voice to songs and harmonies, the result of a significant work of composition: Elisa also plays the link between the feminine spirit and Nature telling the arrival of the night in a musical poetry dedicated to the moon. Care of sound, voice enrichments, arrangements sought, lyricism and drama, symbolism related between music and image, extensive work on photography and visual communication are factors that make AlieNatura a detailed representation of the world ofIL TEMPIO DELLE CLESSIDRE, natural continuation of the first record, but with a heightened musical awareness and intent even more tangible to express their own musical identity, conceptual and stylistic. IL TEMPIO DELLE CLESSIDRE invites you to venture into this kaleidoscopic journey and participate in listening to rediscover that feeling arcane, now too often forgotten, that binds all living things and talking through the universal language of music.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine