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CONSPIRACY - "Live Cd+Dvd"
Christopher Russell Edward Squire was born in central London, England on March 4, 1948. In his youth, Chris began his musical career as a choirboy. This early indoctrination gave Chris a particular insight into choir arrangement and vocal techniques that was to follow him throughout his career to this day. In 1964, Chris was suspended from Haberdasher Aske's public school for wearing his hair much longer than was allowed. The money given to Chris for a haircut was 'spent on other things'. Chris never returned to school. Chris' signature bass style was developed during a particular period of 'hibernation' as he spent several months in his girlfriend's apartment, recovering from the excesses of youth in London. During this time Chris' practice routine was relentless as he bonded intimately with the bass. Chris' early influences were diverse, ranging from church and choral music to the Merseybeat sounds of the early 1960's. A rabid listener of bassists from McCartney to Entwhistle, Chris further developed his style and became a member of The Selfs and The Syn with Andrew Jackman and Peter Banks , and later, Mabel Greer's Toyshop with Peter Banks and Clive Bailey who co-wrote "Beyond and Before", which appeared on the first Yes album. Jon Anderson joined MGT for one show.
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