terça-feira, setembro 24, 2013


PANDORA - "Alibi Filosofico"
When a group gives their band a name, hence to specific genre, it's never at random. And even when it comes out as part of some sort of "internal vote", it hides the unconscious reasons that will carry on dreams - and goals - that will give life to various components. Pandora resorts to mythology, as it often happens with to those who refers to Progressive music, that is, to that genre of music that peaked at the turn of the 60's and 70s, and subsequently decreased in number of enthusiasts, and today was once again on the increase although just within the genre's group followers. But the link between the 'now' and 'then' highlights certain analogies, certain similarities, which shorten timeframe and turn fresh concepts and ideas passed down through books, and often used by the people in the form metaphors. In Greek mythology, the opening of the box given as gift from Zeus to Pandora caused a spill to the entire world's evil, but initially, hopes remains on the bottom, bringing back life, which became an essential element, just as today, to face daily life. Inside Pandora's box though, there's another kind of hope. Hearty and contagious, because it joins together the idea of what quality music is for the group and their fans: to bring back the satisfaction and continuous appreciation of a musical genre which has grown out to infinite dimensions, as with classical music, jazz, and blues. Pandora creates music by merging the arts, combining talents in history and in experience, by engaging and sharing every single step of the way, presenting one with a layered-complex music product, but not self-congratulatory.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine