segunda-feira, setembro 09, 2013

The Frantic Four Reunion 2013 Album, Competition & More...

In 2009, Status Quo's Rossi told an interviewer that getting the band's original line-up back together would be like "trying to get your d**k up your own a**e". Four years on, the band achieved the anatomically impossible and Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt were reunited with Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan for what became one of the most talked-about live events of the year.

Thanks to Abbey Road Live the tour was captured in all its glory and blistering live sets from sold out nights across the tour make up a box set, CD, DVD and Blu ray that are all being released on 30th September.

NOTE: this release will now be be available Sept. 30 in the UK, October 4th in the rest of Europe. The decision to move this back came down to doing it properly and not rushing it; apologies to anyone who's disappointed but we think you'll be happy with the result.