segunda-feira, setembro 23, 2013


TIME GRID - "Life"
The band is composed of professional musicians with different backgrounds such as jazz, classical, experimental, pop and metal. Passionate by all style of music, they put their experiences together to create an open minded progressive metal beyond the common boundaries! Time Grid is a Swiss and French progressive metal band. All started in 2001, when Steve Huber, Rémi Poussier and Yves Marguet happened to play together in Christophe Matthey's metal workshop in the Ecole des technologies musicales (ETM) of Geneva. The alchemy seemed to work despite their different musical tastes! At the end of the year, they decide to form the band that will later be called Time Grid. Steve asks Mathias Reuser, his best friend with whom he composes since several years, to join the band. The band is searching for a keyboardist, but after many tries and unsatisfying auditions. Mathias who is a keyboardist himself, accepts the task in addition to singing. Between 2001 and 2004, the band composes more or less what will be Time Grid's first album. The diverse influences of the band, such as : Dream Theater, Queen, Simon Phillips, Sergeï Rachmaninov, John Williams, give Time Grid the ability to deliver an unusual progressive metal mixed with jazz, classical, and pop music.
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