segunda-feira, setembro 09, 2013


LA TULIPE NOIRE - "Matricide"
This amazing Greece Progressive Rock group was formed in Athens in 1997, recording "In the Gate of Dream" with greek lyrics and the following members: Lena on vocals, Alix - piano & keys, S. Kontakis - el. & ac. guitar, Y. Barkoulas - el. & ac. guitar), George F. - drums and finally Hyde on bass guitar. During the recordings the band translated three songs in English and sent a tape to Musea. To their astonishment, because they were a new band and they came from a country without tradition in progressive, Musea showed interest in their work! So in 1997, La Tulipe Noire released their first CD titled "In the Gates of Dream". Then Lena left the band to continue her studies in classical vocals and George F. left the band due to health problems.  They were replaced by Ima on vocals and Nick Kassavetis on drums. Then, in 2000, La Tulipe Noire's  second album "Shattered Image" was released by Musea. It met a great success around the world. Hundreds of e-mails were sent...with enthousiastic comments about the group. Shortly after Y. Bakoulas left the band...replaced by K. Savvides  who started as "guest star" before becoming a regular member, then the group released "Faded Leaves" in 2002 with great success around the world.
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