terça-feira, setembro 17, 2013

DAWN a Swiss band is back with a new album called "Darker"

Dawn creates its own music with a vintage sound, inspired by great british bands. Between 2005 and 2008, Dawn played several live performances: opening band for Kansas and Fish, "Montreux Prog Nights", Progsol & Prog'Sud festivals. Recorded in 2007, Loneliness is the first official record of Dawn. The album is about life: dawn and dusk; ups and downs. This record is well balanced with short tracks, like "Dusk" and "Loneliness", as well as longer ones like "The Story of Nobody". Building on its favourite "vintage sound" (mellotron, old Korg ...), the band has found a style of its own, with clear melody, complex rhythms, moods...

Here is a short trailer of this album called Darker :

Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine