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Slippery launches version for "Trick Or Treat" by Fastway

Song was the soundtrack for the namesake movie released in 1986 and that counted with the participations of Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons

Recently inducted for the Dynamite Award (one of the most important in the Brazilian independent scene) as "Best Rock Album", SLIPPERY keeps getting positive results from its debut album First Blow.
Released last year, the album is pratically sold-out in Brazil and got surprising number sales in Japan, Europe and USA.

First Blow was produced by Átila Ardanuy (Dr. Sin, Anjos Da Noite) and rescues all that rocker aesthetic from the 80th's. Musically, SLIPPERY recreates, its way, the same magic atmosphere of bands like Quiet Riot, Dokken and Wasp that transited between hard rock and heavy metal, besides adding influences from AOR of names like Survivor and FM.
But is was not only the music from the 80th's that have influenced SLIPPERY's work. The cinema from this decade also serves as reference. Proof of that is the version that the band is launching now for Fastway's "Trick Or Treat", song that was the soundtrack for the namesake movie released in 1986.

The movie "Trick Or Treat" tells the story of Eddie Weinbauer, a headbanger teenager mistaken by family and society. Eddie is a die hard fan of the rock star Sammi Curr, that ends up dying in a violent way. Sammi's spirit returns from beyond to help Eddie to get his revenge against all those who mock him, specially the kids from school. However, Sammi's evil spirit begins to gain control over Eddie's life and brings him deeper into the world of the occult.

The movie also counts with the special guest appearances by rock superstars Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons. Besides the title track, Fastway signs all the other songs from the Soundtrack.

According to the drummer Rod Rodriguez, the idea to record a version for "Trick Or Treat" came still during the pre-production of First Blow.
"We used to play some covers from bands we like during the rehearsals that preceeded the recordings of First Blow and among then was Fastway's "Trick Or Treat". This song marked so much our childhood cause we always watched this movie on the Brazilian TV, besides being a high energy song."
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