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Drummers! Are YOU in the 200 Club? LA Metal Drummer Rick BooM Steel Releases New Book!

After taking the drumming world by storm,with his book "The
Footiments", Rick 'BooM' Steel has once again amazed the drumming
community. With his latest video, "Bumble Blast:16th note Double Pedal
Double Strokes at 200 beats per minute", BooM shows why he's known as
the "Double Pedal Demon". He challenges Drummers everywhere, "Are YOU
in the 200 Club?"

At his YouTube page (, BooM
says,"...Doubles, Flams, Ruffs, and Paradiddles: NOT just for the
hands!" With Bumble Blast, he exemplifies how you can use the
materials from his book. "Some Classical Music-when played as Metal-is
heavy", says BooM. "When performing 'Flight of the Bumble Bee', many
orchestras invite a guest soloist to show off their chops. So, I used
crunchy guitar, heavy bass, keyboard, and cranked the tempo to 200
beats per minute".

BooM, known as " of the Best Drummers in Los Angeles...", is the
consummate Drummer, Composer, Clinician, and Educator. "At one time, I
was not in the 200 Club, and trust me, I tried!", BooM laughs. "It was
the morning of Christmas Eve. The studio was empty. I had no family
local, so I decided to try playing (traditional R/L/R/L) 16th notes on
my Double Bass kit at 200 b.p.m.'s. I worked and worked. Then, at 180
b.p.m.'s it happened: ouch! I felt something tear in my left leg. I
got up and struggled to a chair. After fifteen minutes, I arose and
the pain was worse! I spent the next three days with my left leg
elevated, unable to move". It was here, BooM gave up on the 200

But, after some great advice from the late Ron Spagnardi, BooM decided
to begin writing his book, "The Footiments" (
He explains, "I was my 'own' student. I wrote the book so I could
achieve the 200 Club!" For those in the know, his Double Pedal Double
Strokes are played 'heel-toe'. BooM remembers the first time he used
this technique with a band. "After Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth,
Joe Satriani) recorded the drum tracks for the band "Bleed", he wasn't
available for the live shows". Vocalist Robin McAuley (MSG,Survivor)
and Bjorn Englen (Quiet Riot,Yngwie Malmsteen), after watching BooM
play, offered him the gig. "I remember putting in some 16th and 32nd
note double strokes", says BooM. When recording the last 'Thirty Round
Clip' CD (, he applied Double Pedal 16th note
triplets to the song, "god Media". "At first, our producer Darian
Rundall (Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies) was a skeptic. He didn't
think I could dig out the triplets at 150 b.p.m.'s". Using the Double
Stroke Footiment, BooM was successful....producer happy.

Metal...Double Pedal...Shredding...these are the words the Double
Pedal Demon lives by. First, in 2012, drummers around the world were
introduced to 26 Footiments. Now, with this amazing version of 'Flight
of the Bumble Bee'--Bumble Blast, BooM has pushed the envelope again.
He says, "When I teach, it's my my job to solve drumming problems...
Using my book, I've had great success". Watch the video, check out his you can say, "Yes, I am in the 200 Club!"


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