terça-feira, setembro 17, 2013


On the run, in the shadow of the sun…… This debut album from The Frank Flight Band is the culmination of a decade long journey into the sub-underground hinterland of psychedelic music, by a disaffected group of musicians, still in thrall to the spirit of the long dead 60's, but firmly rooted in the here and now. Their trip took them from the West Coast of America, to the (North) West Coast of England, via San Franciscan freak-outs, English folk-whimsy, detours into blues rock and all points in between. On a voyage featuring a cast of characters and locations straight out of a Kafka novel and in search of the fountainhead of all things unconventional, The Frank Flight Band ran the gamut of bizarre episodes, bruised and battered egos, unscrupulous record companies, apocryphal gigs and the odd stripper or two. Ten years after the album was recorded, the original band members have returned, master tapes dusted off and digitally re-mastered, to breathe new life into these songs. After the painstaking efforts in putting these songs together, the album has now received the treatment it deserves, which they present to you here, for your psychedelic listening pleasure.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine