quinta-feira, setembro 19, 2013

Lesoir are releasing a new music video

The music video is a collaboration between a duthc famous artist live painting on our music, combined with footage from our last china, shot by a famous pop photographer Harry Heuts.


Best Rock Album August 2013: Lesoir brings undeniable originality, songwriting skill and musical talent to this diverse collection of songs, opening one's mind to new frontiers of sound and emotion.
The Akademia Music Awards

"As far as I am concerned they can immediately go onto all better Summer festivals", and I'll venture further by stating that this band would do great on àny international festival, including festivals geared traditionally towards "heavier" music! I mean, the band's successes in China and the UK sure are sufficient proof of that! Hum (languid sigh)…another contender for the "Best Albums Of 2013" lists? 98/100?"
Tony Tolemans, Concreteweb: Transience review (August 22, 2013)


"Why haven't we heard of this band before?" - is a sentence often heard. Fact is that the quartet consisting of singer Maartje Meessen, guitarist Ingo Dassen, bassist Dachuan Lu and drummer Ruben Israël took their time to develop their sound and music. Having played several tours in the UK, an extensive list of shows and festivals in Belgium and a tour in China, the band are steadily gaining an international following.

The first steps were taken in 2009 when Lesoir recorded their debut album at Jet Studio (Brussels, Belgium) with producer Rudy Coclet (Arno, An Pierlé). The album was released in the summer of 2010, receiving rave reviews from professionals, critics and various magazines. Debut single 'Dominion' received airplay on multiple radio stations, including 'Studio Brussel' Belgium's national station.

"Lesoir takes you to an obscure city, where you wouldn't mind getting lost as an listener. Sometimes loud but never losing the essence of the song." - 3voor12

"If it were up to me, Lesoir would play all major festivals in the summer." - Teddy Hillaert (Livenation)

Constantly driving for wider international recognition Lesoir organized and embarked upon a 2 week tour of the UK. Whilst on tour a meeting with producer John Cornfield (Muse, Katatonia, Stone Roses) proved fruitful, a new friendship was born and a deal was sealed; John Cornfield would produce the second album in the summer of 2012.

"We had only written a few songs at the time, but we knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so we all agreed on recording the new album with John without further hestitation." - Maartje Meessen (vocals Lesoir)

An intense 5 month pre-production period followed as the band worked on the follow up for their debut album. Soon it became clear that the new album would take new direction music wise. Even though the songs on Transcience are just as intense and bombastic as the songs from the self-titled debut album, it soon became clear that the songs were not as heavy as before and somewhat melancholy in parts.

"I really enjoyed sitting back and listening to it as a complete piece of work. Well done chaps!" - John Cornfield

During the pre-production period the band came up with the ambitious plan to tour Asia. The timing couldn't be more perfect. They met several booking agencies and a bold plan became reality. Lesoir toured China for 3 weeks in the summer of 2012. From festivals with 6000+ capacities to sold out club shows. They experienced it all as they traveled the near 9000 miles in 3 weeks!

"We were first thinking of Japan because bands talk about "Big in Japan" all the time. But my roots are in China so we decided to focus on there instead." - Dachuan Lu (bassist Lesoir)

Upon return Lesoir went on with mixing and mastering the new album. For the band it was a no-brainer to ask Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Sigur Ros) to master the new album. Brian had worked on several tracks in the past and his work has always been excellent. With a new album in their pocket and an added life experience it was time for the next step. The band signed with V2 Records. Release due April 2013.

Lesoir is:
Maartje Meessen – vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
Ingo Dassen – guitar
Dachuan Lu – bass
Ruben Israel – drums
(live: Eleen Bartholomeus – vocals, guitar, percussion, keys)