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Amanda Somerville talks about new Amazon album

RISE! This will be the title of the new album by the Brazilian
symphonic metal band AMAZON.

The recordings were already concluded at The Rock Station studios in
Reuver, Holland, and brings two very respected producers: Sander
Gommans, founding member of After Forever, and Amanda Somerville,
famous vocalist with participations in bands like Avantasia, Aina,
Epica, Edguy and Kamelot.

Besides her involvement on the album's production, Amanda Somerville
also did some co-writing for some songs of RISE! and also coached the
vocalist Sabrina Todt in the studio.
According to the American musician - now living in Germany/Holland -,
RISE! will be an album that really captures the essence of the
female-fronted metal genre.

"I had a wonderful time working with Sabrina and Renato of AMAZON",
declared Amanda Somerville. "They're both very professional and
dedicated musicians, working hard to get the best possible result for
their album. Not only that, they're great people and a lot of fun,
too! The two traveled a very long way from Brazil to record with me in
the Netherlands at the up-and-coming Dutch studio, The Rock Station.
Sander Gommans and I did some co-writing with them on their songs and
I coached Sabrina in the studio for her vocals. The songs are really
kick-ass - I've had them stuck in my head ever since we worked
together, and I'm sure tons of people will, too, when they hear them!
Have fun listening!"

The band registered some scenes of the recordings at The Rock Station.
Check it out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUJ_uXshJlA


AMAZON was a well know name in Brazil in the begining of the year
2000. Its first album,Victoria Regia, was released by Hellion Records
in 2005 and soon the band was on the pages of the main specialized
magazines from that time. They also did shows together with Nightwish
and Epica and it didn't take much time until the band was considered
the biggest reference in the symphonic metal segment in Brazil.

Currently formed by Sabrina Todt (vocal and flute), Renato Angelo
(guitar and keyboards), Andre Pedral (bass) and Marcos Frassão
(drums), AMAZON also released in 2004 the DVD Ao Vivo Em São Paulo
(Via Funchal) and in 2010 the second studio album, Nature's Last Ride.

Recently, the group participated of the Brazilian TV show "Invasao
Rocker" where they played live two unreleased songs to appear on
RISE!, "Ball Of Vanities" and "Three Lives". Check it out:

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