segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013

Maze Of Sound a new Polish the band are looking for a record label.

MAZE OF SOUND is a band created in February 2012 in Poland. The musicians have great stage and studio experience. They search for new music paths and borders between realism and surrealism, seriousness and grotesque.

Piotr Majewski - instrumenty klawiszowe, skrzypce
Kuba Olejnik - wokal
Rafał Galus - gitara
Krzysztof Karaszewski - gitara basowa
Krzysztof Szymański - perkusja

The music of MAZE OF SOUND is indeed a labyrinth of sound and each composition is a single story including theatrical and fantasy elements. During their unique performance nothing happens twice.

Currently, they have over 90 minutes of author’s music that is recorded in the studio and presented at the concerts.

Continually, they create new composition.

Since January 2013, Maze Of Sound have been promoting their studio Mini album ‘Man in the balloon’ including three pieces:

‘Rain charmer’  - music: Majewski,  lyrics: Majewski/Olejnik

‘Animal’  -  music: Galus,  lyrics: Olejnik

‘Man in the balloon’ – music: Majewski,  lyrics: Olejnik

The band have already appeared in such english and polish radio stations as:

Radio Stafford - Prog Mill (England), Radio ZŁOTE PRZEBOJE (Golden Hits - Poland), RadioLODZ, Radio PLANETA, Radio PARADA, Radio PiK,  Radio Alfa, Radio Proradio, RadioMegastacja, Radio ZAK, Radio UL, many Internet stations, music portals (Progrock, Artrock, MLWZ, Antyradio, Magnetoffon) and a local PROMOK TV.

They regularly perform in Poland. They gave concerts inter alia in many reputable music clubs in Lodz, Warsaw and Wroclaw. They also played some open air and charity concerts. In February 2013, Maze Of Sound performed in one of the most prestigious musical clubs in Poland – ‘Wytwornia’ for a  large audience (with Tune band).

Official websites and links:
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine