segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013

Weend'ô Fairytalacoustic

HELLO all my friends around the world, WEEND'O an amazing Prog Rock Band needs our help.

A fundraiser is set up on the website KISSKISSBANKBANK (no money will be debited unless the total amount asked for a project is reached) -

Against the financial support, you will win some gifts from the is described aside the amount you are willing to pay.

Laetitia is explaining the project and
ask for support

"Dear Friends, you are with Weend'ô today ! We are in front of the universe of the coming artistic project that will be held on 14th September 2013, the project is called "Weend'ô Fairytalacoustic". It's a concept that we wish to propose you cos' you've been a lot of people discovering Weend'ô with the 1st album "You Need To Know Yourself" in its original version (electric). More than a simple CD, we wanted to do more and show you all the artistic dimension of the band,  so it was obvious for us  : a DVD mixing a movie and an acoustic live (in the Center for Arts in Villeneuve s/Lot - France)

To do it, I need your help, I need money to organize and set up all this project as I'm working with other artists related to Theatre, Danse, Video, Graphic Designer. And then, we wil press 500 DVD (and it includes costs for pressing, for sacem, for promotion..)

Every support you could give will enable to make this dream come true ! that is very important for us and we are sure you will be very enthusiastic to discover our new creation !

If we reach the amount we need,  we will offer you a surprise !

I invite you to read the project on the site :

Thank you all for your support and be there in Villeneuve sur Lot on 14th September in the Centre Culturel at 8pm.

Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine