segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013


TOLERANCE - "When Time Stops"
Tolerance is a Progressive Rock band formed on April 2003 by Ricardo Figueroa (vocals) and Rodrigo Nuñez (drums). After several line-up changes and ten years of hard work the band finally record their debut album called "When Time Stops" which is a blend of hard rock, funk, metal, classical and electronic sounds. Tolerance's debut album is full of musicianship defined by overwhelming drumming, powerful guitar riffs, clever keyboards arrangements and remarkable vocals. Their lyrics are related to topics such as existence, science, politics and environmental issues. Some of the most important band's influences are: Deep Purple, Rush, Steve Vai, Magellan, Planet X, Living Colour and Dream Theater among others. "When Time Stops" was recorded and mixed in Caracas, Venezuela and mastered in Nashville, TN, USA. Some Venezuelan guest musicians took part of this recording including three bassists. Tolerance's current line-up is: Ricardo Figueroa on vocals, Carlos Cabrices on guitars, Antonio Ramirez on keyboards and Rodrigo Nuñez on Drums.
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