terça-feira, agosto 27, 2013

CIVICO 23 "Siero Progressivo"

A new young guest for "Locanda del Vento" (Lizard records side label) with a strong and magical hard-progressive sound:

CIVICO 23 is a new band from Rome, which has learned the fantastic historical lesson of Il Biglietto per L'Inferno, Museo Rosembach (about the actual prog band the closer reference can be Il Bacio della Medusa).
"Siero Progressivo" is the debut album, with a special pathos and new energy.

The histrionic singer Massimo Joe Galatone and all the musicians (2 guitars, keyboards, drums, bass) create epic songs like musical tales, talking about minstrels, knights, dragons, pirates, interstellar trips, apocalictic visions, ghosts.

Every track is a compelling hard-prog composition, with excellent riffs and nice vintage atmospheres (keyboards are important for a good balance of the sound), with fascinating slow-breaks in seventies style.
Impact, epic tension, magic!

Civico 23, a new italian prog name, already more than a promise!!
1. Umida Cenere                                 6'06''  
2. Il Menestrello                                  1'47''  
3. Il Cavaliere Illuso                              6'41''  
4. Urano                                              5'03''  
5. Paura Infinita                                    6'38''  
6. I Sette Angeli                                   7'28''    
7. Aureo                                              1'17''    
8. Delirio Ad Occhi Chiusi                     8'35''  
9. L'Ultimo Grido Di Galeria                13'15''  
10. Rimane Il Mare                               2'38''