sexta-feira, agosto 23, 2013

Paweł Penksa and the album EP Pandemonium

Paweł Penksa, is a musician and composer from Poland, associated with bands like Night Rider and Night Rider Symphony. During recent time he had published his debut solo album - "Pandemonium".

Here is a previw album:

Paweł Penksa  –  Pandemonium EP
1.Pandemonium(feat. Kuba Szostak,Błażej Grygiel)          – 5:13
2.The Valley of Forgotten Dreams                                    - 4:18
3.Runaway(feat. Kuba Szostak)                                       - 7:00
4.Grey Haven                                                                  – 6:40
5.T.B.C.(feat. Robert Kazanowski)                                   – 5:46

Composed by Paweł Penksa
Produced by Paweł Penksa & Janek Kluszewski
Mixed & Mastered by Janek Kluszewski & Paweł Penksa

Paweł Penksa – Keyboards, Programming
Kuba Szostak(Night Rider) – Guitars
Robert Kazanowski(Night Mistress) – Guitars
Błażej Grygiel(Batstab, Hellectricity) – „The Voice”

Time: 28.58

Paweł Penksa:
active since 2005 - keyboard player, composer, producer

associated with bands: Night Rider, Night Rider Symphony, ex-Whitecrow

music: progressive rock/metal, symphonic rock
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine