terça-feira, agosto 27, 2013


CHRIS RUDOLF - "Chris Rudolf"
His musical interests and influences are wide encompassing many genres of rock, jazz, classical, and various ethnic musics.  He composes, records and performs music in the progressive rock genre.   The styles of today's modern progressive metal bands and the retro groups representing glory days of progressive rock in the 1970's are a part of Chris' musical conception.    At the same time, his approach to music, composition and performance in the progressive rock genre is as likely to be inspired by French impressionist pianists as it is by acoustic fingerstyle guitarists and even the explorations of jazz improvisers. Chris just completed his first solo album, entitled Chris Rudolf.  On this recording he played electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass guitar and sang all vocals.  He was also the recording engineer and producer.  This album is available as a CD or digital download from the Links page.  You can listen to samples on the Music page. Chris Rudolf is a member of the progressive rock band, Timelight.  The other members of Timelight, drummer Steve Lauer and bassist/keyboardist, Stevie Williams were also involved in the making of Chris' album.  Steve performed all the superb drumming and Stevie assisted with mixing and did the excellent final mastering.  Timelight performs many of the songs from this album in their live shows.  
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