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Apocalypse: show with Yes, new band members and participation on British compilation

One of the biggest names in Brazilian progressive rock, APOCALYPSE played recently what has become one of the most important shows of its entire career. After making opening concerts for names like Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Joe Lynn Turner and Pendragon, on the last month of May the band shared the stage with none other than YES, one of its main influences. The show happened at Araujo Viana auditorium in Porto Alegre/Brazil and had a big audience that saw APOCALYPSE playing songs from its new DVDThe Bridge of Light like "Ocean Soul", "Last Paradise" and "Follow the Bridge". At the end of its performance, APOCALYPSE got a standing ovation by the audience.

On an important moment of its career, APOCALYPSE also announces two significant changes on its line-up, the entrance of the musicians Carlos D´elia and Rainer Steiner Campos.

Carlos came to fill the bass player place that was empty for a long time in APOCALYPSE. His debut show with the band was indeed during the opening for YES, what had a special meaning for him.
"My entrance on APOCALYPSE happened during a singular moment in my career", tells the musician. "After working with instrumental music, jazz and MPB, I'd like to develop a work oriented for rock again. I always appreciated prog rock very much, and now I will have the opportunity to let it go, in the studio or on the stages, with all this musical skills coming from other musical segments."

As for Rainer Steiner Campos, he joins the band to substitute the old drummer, Fabio Schneider. His entrance happened naturally, once Rainer was always a prog rock fan and friends with some APOCALYPSE old members.
"I always followed closely the career of APOCALYPSE and I can tell that in Brazil are just few bands that highlights on this segment. I always wished to play this kind of music and when they offered me the job, I felt that was a natural path to follow. Now the time has come to contribute with my drumsticks and experience of more than 35 years of shows, recordings and writting", declared the musician.

Besides Carlos D´elia and Rainer Steiner Campos, the current APOCALYPSE line-up also counts with Gustavo Demarchi (vocals and flute), Eloy Fritsch (keyboards)  and  Ruy Fritsch (guitar).  

Among other news, the song "New Sunrise" from the album 2012 Light Years from Home - released inside the 25th Anniversary Box-Set - is part of the new compilation "New Species Volume IX" released by Classic Rock Society magazine from England. If you want to buy the magazine and compilation - that also brings another names like Clive Nolan, Arena, The Tangent, etc - just go to http://www.classicrocksociety.co.uk/shop/rock-society-magazine-issue-196/

In 30-year career, APOCALYPSE has become one of the biggest names in Brazilian progressive rock and in the entire world. Its extensive discography includes 12 albums released in Brazil, Europe, USA and Asia - including a double album recorded live in the United States during theband's first international tour.
In 2011 APOCALYPSE released its most daring project, the box set to commemorate its 25years! Unpublished work in the Brazilian progressive rock scene, the box brought together acommemorative DVD of the concert recorded in September 2009 at the Hall of Acts of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, the live CD "Magic Spells" including hits of theircareer, a book written by the Brazilian journalist and producer Eliton Tomasi telling the wholestory of the band and, finally, the new APOCALYPSE studio album, "2012 Light Years from Home". All contents of the box came with special packaging and an exclusive poster.
In March of 2012, APOCALYPSE received the "Açorianos Music Trophy" for its contribution to the Rio Grande do Sul state music scene. Musea Records from France also released recently the DVD The Bridge Of Light with the APOCALYPSE show from 2006 at the UCS Theatre in Caxias do Sul/Brazil.

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