sexta-feira, agosto 23, 2013

Galahad news

Galahad have, once again, been in the studio with Karl Groom working
on a few songs which will be released as EP's/singles throughout the
next twelve months or so.

These 'new' recordings feature an eclectic mixture of new versions of
older songs, re-mixes and edits of existing songs plus an unusual
cover which will be released as a single in its own right sometime

More details regarding these releases will emerge in the coming weeks.

As many of you will know, our long time Bassist Neil Pepper sadly died
of Cancer of the Oesophagus two years ago this September.

He did, however, leave a compact but interesting musical legacy and
thus we have made available one of his tracks, 'Outerlife', for
download on our merchandise page at

'Outerlife' was recorded around 1997 and features Bruce Soord of The
Pineapple Thief on guest vocals. Unfortunately, only a cassette
version exists which we have converted to MP3 and the sound quality is
not too shabby.

All proceeds from the sale of this track (minimum a bargain
really) will go to Neil's family, his wife Jojo and their three young
children Rosie, Poppy and Finn plus, of course, you will also be
helping to keep his memory alive.

A limited number of books have been signed by the author Andrew Wild
as well as the band and are available now.

The book also comes with a very interesting archive DVD featuring
rare and previously unreleased live video footage of the band as far
back as 1986!

The DVD track listing is:

Second Life – Regent Centre, Christchurch (1986)
City of Freedom - Regent Centre, Christchurch (1986)
Strangers - Regent Centre, Christchurch (1986)
Winter in Berlin - Regent Centre, Christchurch (1986)
Chamber of Horrors – The Marquee, London (1991)
Room 801 - The Marquee, London (1991)
Dentist Song – Rotherham Rugby Club (1993)
Ghost of Durtal – Rotherham Rugby Club (1993)
Exorcising Demons – The Allendale Centre, Wimborne (1995)
Amaranth – The Allendale Centre, Wimborne (1995)
Myopia – Mister Smiths, Bournemouth (1999)
Aqaba - Mister Smiths, Bournemouth (1999)
I Could Be God – Katowice, Poland (2006)
Dreaming From the Inside – Mr. Kyps, Poole (2010)
Empires Never Last – Loreley, Germany (2010)
Richelieu's Prayer – Loreley, Germany (2010)
Seize the Day – Loreley, Germany (2010)

Promo video's:

Through the Looking Glass (1988)
Don't Lose Control (1990)
Aries (Edit) (1993)
Dentist Song (1993)
Julie Anne (1993)
Pictures of Bliss (1995)

After much thought and scratching of heads we have decided to make
available two separate T-shirts for each of the last two albums.
Furthermore the images will be in the form of vinyl printed on to high
quality fruit of the loom T-shirts as this seems to be only way we can
capture the full vibrancy and detail of the artwork on a printed

They will be available in all sizes from SMALL to XXXL. We can also
provide skinny girly T-Shirts too if necessary! J

They are now available from the merchandise page on our website at at a very reasonable £12 each with a small
postage fee for our overseas customers.

We are also thinking of making similar T-Shirts available emblazoned
with older album covers for those who are interested. Let us know if
you are and if there is enough interest we'll get on to it!

For a limited period only we are discounting several CD album titles
as follows:

Sleepers £4.99
Not All There £4.99
Sleepless in Phoenixville – Live at Rosfest 2007 (double live) £7.99
Other Crimes & Misdemeanours (double) £7.99
Whitchurch 92/93 (double CD/DVD) £7.99

Check out our web site merchandise page for more details.

We will also be getting out and about in Europe in late Summer/Autumn
and playing a few live shows:

2 Days Prog Festival, Veruno, Italy - Friday 6th September 2013
Progressive Promotion Festival, Das Rind, Russelsheim, Germany -
Saturday 14 Sept 2013
Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium – Sunday 13 October 2013
Andaluzja - Piekary Slaskie, Poland - Thursday 24 October 2013
Klub Progresja –Warszawa, Poland - Friday25 October 2013
Oskard, Konin, Poland - Saturday 26 October 2013

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