segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013


LIQUID CASING  - "A Separate Divide"
Liquid Casing was formed in Corpus Christi, TX by Alvaro, Matt, and Sean back in 1992.  As a three-piece, we wrote original songs and interspersed them amidst many cover songs.  There were few shows, fewer fans, and no deli trays.  However, music is a strange creature that lures many into doing its bidding with little material reward.  Songs such as Patria O' Muerte, Che, Come on Inside, and Bass 1959 were insatiably rocked out.  Around 1997, Sean departed the band, and the remaining members soldiered on as a two-piece.  This was new territory as there was no White Stripes to lead the way.  We were now just plain weird.  Void Lenses was released in the summer of 1997 on tape (pure analog!) and included 22 songs of horribly wonderous 4 track mayhem.  As a two-piece, several rocking shows were notched squarely in our belts.  By 1999, our sound and style had become more focused.  The song writing was tighter and more elaborate.  The sophomore album, Exiting the Infinite Corridor was released in the summer of '99.  We were poor, so the recording was as low budget as a band can get, single takes, no-overdubs, our parent's stereo equipment, enough said.  At this point, our shows started to become more dynamic (Alvaro rolling around on the get the point), and we started to branch out to other cities. n 2009, after many years of steadfast drum-pounding, Matt amicably parted ways with the band.  Liquid Casing scoured the Earth in search of anyone who could fit our ecclectic little band.  After several months, we found John Pitale knockin' on our door.  Since then, we have been playing shows all over Houston, and working on a new album to be released in Summer of '13. So come out and see one of our shows if you get a chance, you might enjoy yourself and roll around on the ground.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine