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ScienceNV Set to Release Two Singles

ScienceNV Set to Release Two Singles

The Singles Are Both Edits of An Epic from the Pacific Circumstances Disc

August 13th, 2013, San Francisco, California – The Pacific
Circumstance album by ScienceNV recently gained wider distribution and
to commemorate the band plan to release two singles from the album.
The firs t of those singles will be out on August 15th. Both singles
come from the closer to the album, "The Ouroborus Variations." The
first of those singles is entitled "Swollen Ego" and is the third
movement of the piece. It's a quick and energized piece of music.

Pacific Circumstances has gotten some great reviews since its release.
At Progressive Rock and Metal Ezine Marcelo Trotta said, "'Pacific
Circumstances' unveils a band with a real Progressive attitude that
incorporates the spirit of the 70's on their compositions….All in all,
'Pacific Circumstances' is an excellent album, deserving many spins;
and ScienceNV is one of the best bands to show up at this webzine –
creative and brilliant, being highly recommended for fans of vintage
Symphonic Prog."

Mark Hughes had this to say about the disc at DPRP: "I can't believe
that it is over two years since the debut album by Science NV, Really
Loud Noises, was reviewed, and recommended, by DPRP. There is the old
saying, "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it" and Science NV have
taken that advice by keeping the same line up…and not radically
altering their rather unique blend of instrumental prog. However, that
is not to imply that Pacific Circumstances is simply Really Loud
Noises Part 2, the band has definitely developed over the past couple
of years, in terms of their compositional skills, recording techniques
and their already impressive musical proficiency….Serving up 70
minutes of instrumental music is not an easy task, particularly if you
want to keep the listener engaged for the whole duration of the album.
Fortunately Science NV have managed it with aplomb."

San Francisco, based band ScienceNV was formed in 2005 by Larry Davis
(guitar and bass guitar), David Graves (keyboards), Jim Henriques
(guitar and keyboards) and Rich Kallet (drums). Their debut disc came
Really Loud Noises arrived in 2008, followed by Pacific Circumstances
(2010) and Last Album Before the End of Time (2013). While progressive
rock is often considered to be lacking in humor, ScienceNV have a
funny side to them, as saying the name out loud reveals. Both Pacific
Circumstances and Last Album Before the End of Time are available at
Amazon.com, CDBaby and ScienceNV.com.

For more information you can check out ScienceNV on the web
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