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Watch the new JOHN NO ARMS video clip for "Viking Life"

Watch the new JOHN NO ARMS video clip for "Viking Life"
The song will be part of the band's debut album to be out in the
United States on September 13th

Currently formed by BT (vocal), Sir. Arthur (guitar), Leo Krieger
(bass) and Hell's Embassador (drums), JOHN NO ARMS is a band from
Brasilia/Brazil and that makes a sound "without aesthetic or
ideological compromises", just like they describe. Reflection of they
like to listen, JOHN NO ARMS manages, as few, to gather different
elements from punk rock, hardcore and heavy metal, creating an
authentic musical identity capable to please Greeks and Trojans.

The group launched in June its most recent video clip for the song
"Viking Life". Directed by Eddie Shumway (Uganga, Corine, Brunna
Buzolo), the screenplay was written by the bass player Leo Krieger and
it was inspired on the 1989 movie "Weekend at Bernie's".
"When Leo appeared with that idea we said yes at the same time",
remembers the vocalist BT."Eventually other ideas emerged during the
filmings, of course, but we are very pleased with the final result.
Merits also goes to Eddie Shumway that made a brilliant work on the

The video clip is already available on Youtube. To watch, go to:

Among other news, JOHN NO ARMS is about to release its debut studio
album. Titled B.A.R.,the record will bring 13 tracks, including "Open
Till Dawn", "This Guy Is A Black Metal Maniac", "Drink Company", "One
Minute To Midnight", "Mafia's Queen", "Beer Book" and"Viking Life".
B.A.R. will be released on September 13th in the United States by
Raiser Records. The band still studies possible deals for Europe and
South America.

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