quinta-feira, agosto 22, 2013

Modest Midget

September 3rd the band was booked for a long set, sharing the Boerderij stage (Zoetermeer) together with the very talented Swedish band Moon Safari.

Unfortunately a small transition within the line-up of the band appears to take more time and work than we expected.

As a result we were forced to cancel this concert. However,Moon Safari is a fantastic band that we are certain will deliver a wonderful evening.

We hope that this change of plans hasn't caused any inconvenience on your part. Modest Midget will definitely be playing in De Boerderij and elsewhere in the near future.
For now, we leave you once more with our recently released single from our upcoming album, available on iTunes, Amazon, and other iDigital-type iShops!...

See the love / enjoy 'the making of'

Rocky Valleys of Dawn

Rays of light are shining through

The world is smiling bright
And waiting just for you
Raise your eyes and look up high
The air is fresh and cool
It's no more time to hide

Learn to make a sound, to walk the ground, and just to hang around
Learn to feel the earth, to smell the grass, and hug a lady gown

Race yourself right through
Your dreams and goals my friend
Chase them straight to the end
Face your hopes and fears
And learn to love them too
They will be there for you

Learn to make a life, to fight and strive, and build your own sweet hive
Learn to taste the wine, to cook and dine, and make your bed on time

Learn to see your fellow man
To hear and understand
And maybe give a hand
Learn to see the love
Enjoy the making of
And cherish all you have

Find the beauty in whatever grim confronts you from within
Rocky as it is, still in the end this is your path my friend
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine