terça-feira, agosto 13, 2013

OBLIVION SUN Returns to ProgDay!

OBLIVION SUN was formed by FRANK WYATT and STANLEY WHITAKER from the ashes of the legendary 70s prog band HAPPY THE MAN.  Though HtM had reformed in 1999, practical considerations made it difficult for the band to create, rehearse and record.  The result was that all the new material that Stan and Frank were writing was in danger of never being heard if it had to wait for a HtM release.  The solution was OBLIVION SUN, which formed in 2006.

OBLIVION SUN's first record was released in 2007.  (The first edition of the album was a "ProgDay Edition" that was only available at the band's performance at ProgDay 2007). While comparisons were immediately made to HtM, the debut clearly established OBLIVION SUN as a band with its own identity and voice, and Stan and Frank as musicians who still had a lot to say musically.  At ProgDay 2013, OBLIVION SUN will be featuring it's new release, The High Places, as well as material from the debut and some classic HtM.

OBLIVION SUN (US) will join HERD OF INSTINCT (US), MIRIODOR (Canada), THANK YOU SCIENTIST (US) and SIMAKDIALOG (Indonesia) at ProgDay 2013, the nineteenth edition of the world's longest running progressive rock festival.  ProgDay 2013 will take place on Saturday, August 31st, and Sunday, September 1st, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  For more information, and to hear music from all of this year's bands, please visit us at www.progday.net.

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