segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013


KARMAMOI - "Odd Trip"
Karmamoi came into being in 2008, out of the needs of Daniele Giovannoni and Serena Ciacci to give life to a musical project that could express their personalities and their concept of music. Where artistic endeavour, melody, electronic elements and rock distortions could cohabit and find a stable equilibrium, in an immediately recognizable sound compounded of passion and aggression. Clear ideas from the start, and from the start work by musicians capable of being in total harmony with the project. The circle was closed with the arrival of guitarists Fabio Tempesta and Alex Massari and bassist Alessandro Cefalì, who completed the line-up. In 2009 Karmamoi came into contact with Crisalide Edizioni, who believed in the project from the outset and together with the band began to work towards the release that summer of a single, "VENERE", which served as an outrider to test the responses of radio stations and the public – responses that turned out more than positive. "Venere" was broadcast by many independent stations even beyond the Alps, which led to the band taking part in the JIMI Festival de Marne in Paris. The band is working on new songs, due for release in the summer of 2013 in the format of a concept album: "The Odd Trip". A preview of the forthcoming and anticipated work by Karmamoi is the video of a song, "Labyrinth" – a sound-maze, an embrace of notes, instruments and melody, that makes Karmamoi one of the most intriguing new acts on the contemporary music scene. Stay tuned...
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine