quinta-feira, agosto 22, 2013

Big Big Train

English Electric Full Power will be released in the early autumn and
brings together the two English Electric CD's as a double album with
four new tracks and with a 96 page booklet which tells the stories
behind the songs and behind English Electric.

The four new tracks will also be released as a separate EP at a
low-price to enable those who already own English Electric Parts One
and Two to purchase the four new songs on CD without having to buy the
double album. A free download of the Full Power booklet will be
available for purchasers of the EP.

Both the double album and EP will also be available as downloads (with
downloadable booklets.)

Alongside the CD releases, English Electric Part Two will be released
on 180g heavyweight vinyl by Plane Groovy. The LP is a double album
and includes all the songs from Part Two plus the four new tracks from
English Electric Full Power.

Big Big Train is gearing up for some live performances. In 2014 the
band is spending a week at Real World studios for a full dress
rehearsal with the brass quartet and string players. The rehearsal
will be filmed for DVD and Blu-Ray release.

We know that many BBT listeners enjoy fine quality ales and the band
has been working with Box Steam craft brewery to create the first Big
Big Train beer which will be available in August.

Big Big Train has received two nominations (for 'best album' and for
'breakthrough act') in the Progressive Music Awards which will be held
at Kew Gardens in September. If you wish to vote for BBT or for any of
the other nominees you can find details of the awards here:

Nick is returning to England in September to do some more recording
for the next Big Big Train studio album which will be released in
2015. Work on the 3 CD Station Masters retrospective is ongoing and we
hope that Station Masters will be released in 2014.

Finally, a new tee-shirt to celebrate the release of the first BBT
beer will also be available from The Merch Desk in August.

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