sexta-feira, agosto 23, 2013

Presto Ballet news

First big news: Presto Ballet was invited to take part in "Cruise To The Edge 2014"!  It will be headlined by Yes and feature such great acts as Marillion, Steve Hackett, UK, Saga, and even our fellow Seattleites Queensryche.   The cruise will be April 5-12, leaving from Miami and heading to Isla de Roatan, Honduras, and Cozumel, Mexico.  We're really looking forward to getting out on the water with this group!  Watch for updates, and get your tickets here:

Second big news:  writing for the new album has begun!  This will be a double album, the continuation of the story we began on the title track of the last album 'Relic of the Modern World'.  A lot of songs written for 'Relic' didn't get on the album for space reasons - for Presto, it's entirely possible to fill an album with 4 songs!  I'm sure we'll be getting those dusted off, as well as adding new pieces.

And finally, we're pleased to announce that the next album will be released in conjunction with the good people at Rat Pak Records!  Kurdt has an excellent working relationship with Rat Pak who are also handling Metal Church, and Presto Ballet is very much looking forward to working with them.