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Believe reveal another track from their most recent album

Believe, one of the most interesting and original bands on the Polish art/prog-rock scene, returned in April with a brand new album entitled "The Warmest Sun in Winter". And today you can listen to another track taken from the album. The title track is available on Metal Mind Productions' channel on YouTube in THIS location.
The new material was recorded in Mirek Gil's studio in the following line-up:
Karol Wróblewski – vocals
Mirek Gil – guitars
Konrad Wantrych – keyboards, vocals
Przemas Zawadzki – bass guitar
Vlodi Tafel – drums
Satomi – violin
The band formed in 2004 by guitarist Mirek Gil, should be known already by fans of Polish prog-rock legend Collage and Satellite. Not only was Mirek a founding member and main song writer of Collage, but he played with Satellite as well.  The band's debut album "Hope to See Another Day" was released in 2006, six years later Believe return with their second live DVD entitled "Seeing is Believing". Filmed in 2011 in Wyspiański Theater in Katowice (Poland), this brand new DVD documents how much the band has changed: Believe released three more excellent studio albums, letting their music grow more brilliantly intricate and sublime than ever before; Tomek Różycki was substituted by the charismatic singer Karol Wróblewski, whose deep and distinctive voice contributes much to the style and mood of Believe's music; the new keyboard player Konrad Wantrych joined their ranks, enriching their music with his stylish and technically superb soundscapes. During this unique evening in Wyspiański Theater Believe primarily presented material from their fourth album „World Is Round" (Metal Mind Productions, 2010).  Believe's fifth studio album entitled "The Warmest Sun In Winter" was released by Metal Mind Productions on April, 22nd in Europe and May, 7th in USA (via MVD).
Believe - The Warmest Sun In Winter
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. no.: MMP CD 0717DG
Barcode: 5907785037830
Format: CD DG
Genre:  Art/Progressive rock
Release date: 22.04.2013 Europe / 04.06.2013 USA
1. The End
2. Beginners
3. The Warmest Sun In Winter
4. Words
5. Unborn/Turn Around
6. Please Go Home
7. Heartless Land
+ hidden track
You can download .mp3 files with the track chosen for the promotion of the album – "The Warmest Sun In Winter". Feel free to use it on your shows etc. Here is the download link: http://we.tl/qaXa8HH2wV

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